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Interested in owning an ATM?

Whether or not you accept credit/debit cards, accessible cash can make the difference between a customer making a purchase, or walking out the door. Providing them with this option will make their decision a whole lot easier. See below for more details on owning an ATM.


There Are 3 Easy Options

  1. You purchase ATM - you load ATM - you receive 100% of proceeds

  2. You purchase ATM – we load ATM – we split proceeds

  3. We supply ATM – we load ATM – we agree on split of proceeds


After you decide which option is best for you, we will provide three levels of service. Programming and setup, installation and training, and continued support.

  • Programming & Setup

    • Saving you the headache of initial programming, we provide the programming of your ATM and setup your online user account. This gives you the ability to login and view ATM reports, see live transactions and view your current ATM balance.


  • Installation & Training

    • Depending on location, delivery of your ATM will be done by one of our ATM specialist. They will install your ATM wherever you see fit. Once the ATM is installed we will provide all training necessary to load, maintain and monitor your ATM.


  • Continued Support

    • We will always be available for questions and support for your product. This includes servicing and repairs. See the contact page for more information on who to contact for ongoing support.


Point of Banking Terminals (Cashless ATM's)

are basically ATM's with no cash inside.  POB's provide the ideal way to increase your revenue and customer convenience.  POB's work exactly like a full size ATM.  Once your customer completes their transaction the receipt is given to a cashier for payment. 

Make surcharge income on every transaction!

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